Being a theatre geek in a midwestern town of five-hundred people is an interesting way to  grow up. I managed to escape at the tender age of sixteen to New  York City  to pursue a  career in both music and acting while attending the American  Academy of  Dramatic  Arts. 
 In between acting jobs ( being girl #3 or #5 in various after-school specials,  to my    famous  jumping scene in  the internationally acclaimed Shasta commercial), I worked  as a back-up vocalist for  such  acts as Eddie Money, Duran Duran, Eurythmics etc...  and, yes, I had  big-time 80's  bangs that could take your eye out.
 When I finally tired of a life on the road,  and settled down to have a family, I became an  accidental entrepreneur. I created a children's art education program that was franchised and I'm also  the owner of  Songbird Travel–a specialty niche business dealing with the travel needs of touring musicians and  orchestras. I'm married to the great jazz artist Ken Peplowski, and have two grotesquely beautiful teens, and a  very neurotic  dog  that you will find me dragging through Riverside Park everyday on the Upper West Side of  Manhattan. 

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